The membership of the society is of five categories:

The Society of neurologists of Bangladesh Bylaws require the following for registration to different types of Membership.   

           General Member:

                  General members shall be persons who are neurologists of Bangladesh.

                  Eligibility of General Member:

    1. Assistant Professor of Neuro-Medicine/Neurology and above working/worked in any institution of Bangladesh.
    2. Any person who has post-graduate degree/Diploma in neurology (recognised by BMDC).
    3. Any person who has post-graduate degree/Diploma in Internal Medicine (recognised by BMDC), and working in the Department of Neuro-Medicine/Neurology in any Institute of Bangladesh below the rank of Assistant Professor continuously at least for two years. If the discontinues his job in Neurology, then his membership will be changed to associate member.
    4. Any dispute or controversy regarding eligibility for membership shall be referred to an appropriate committee set up for this purpose by the Executive Committee (EC). The decision of this committee shall be placed before the EC and the decision taken by the EC shall be final.


Associate Member:

Associate member shall be a medical graduate of merit and reputation who is otherwise actively involved with the aims and objectives of the Society. An associate member shall have no voting right.


Honorary Member:

An Honorary member is a person who is neither a member nor an associate member but who has otherwise contributed in the furtherance of the objectives and image of the society; and the society will confer this honour on the person. An honorary member shall have no voting right.


Life Member:

 Any person who is qualified as a General member or associate member may become life member by subscribing Tk. 5000/- at a time. A life member upon admission as such shall not be liable to pay annual subscription. Their names will be recorded in the register of the association as life member.


Founder Member:

 Those who have become general members before the day of the holding the first national convention will be considered to be the founder members. They will pay the dues and enjoy all the privileges of general members and their names will be recorded in the register of the association as founder member.