Preamble – All neurologists of the country being desirous to form an association under the name of “Society of Neurologists of Bangladesh”, under their signatures write down this constitution.


1.         Name                         :           The name of the Society is “Society of Neurologists of Bangladesh”.


2.         Registered Office   :           The registered office of the society shall be in Dhaka.


3.         Seal                            :           The Society is an Organization of perpetual succession with an official seal.


4.         Official Language   :           Both Bengali & English.


5.            Aims and Objectives:

5.1         To establish and form a non-profiting and non-political forum of neurologists who will be dealing with neurological disorders.

5.2         To create and maintain spirit and unity, cooperation, solidarity and fellow feeling among the Neurologists of Bangladesh.

5.3         To protect and advance the interest, rights and privileges of the Neurologists of Bangladesh and to uphold the dignity, honour and prestige of them.

5.4         To organize, promote, enhance and disseminate knowledge of neurological diseases through research, seminars, clinical meetings and public lectures.

5.5         To promote awareness among the public about the preventive and curative aspects of neurological disorders

5.6         To publish a periodic JOURNAL.

5.7         to assist, cooperate, affiliate and join with other national and international organisations holding similar aims and objectives.

5.8         To print, publish and circulate any paper, periodicals, books or pamphlets that the society may think helpful for the promotion of its objectives.

5.9         To work with the ultimate aim of establishing a NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES in the country.


6.            Classification of Members –

The members of the society shall be of five classes

6.1         General Member: General members shall be persons who are neurologists of Bangladesh.

N.B.: Eligibility of General Member:

a)            Assistant Professor of Neuro-Medicine/Neurology and above working/worked in any institution of Bangladesh.

b)            Any person who has post-graduate degree/Diploma in neurology (recognised by BMDC).

c)            Any person who has post-graduate degree/Diploma in Internal Medicine (recognised by BMDC), and working in the Department of Neuro-Medicine/Neurology in any Institute of Bangladesh below the rank of Assistant Professor continuously at least for two years. If the discontinues his job in Neurology, then his membership will be changed to associate member.

d)            Any dispute or controversy regarding eligibility for membership shall be referred to an appropriate committee set up for this purpose by the Executive Committee (EC). The decision of this committee shall be placed before the EC and the decision taken by the EC shall be final.


6.2         Associate Member: Associate member shall be a medical graduate of merit and reputation who is otherwise actively involved with the aims and objectives of the Society. An associate member shall have no voting right.

6.3         Honorary Member: An Honorary member is a person who is neither a member nor an associate member but who has otherwise contributed in the furtherance of the objectives and image of the society; and the society will confer this honour on the person. An honorary member shall have no voting right.

6.4         Life Member: Any person who is qualified as a General member or associate member may become life member by subscribing Tk. 5000/- at a time. A life member upon admission as such shall not be liable to pay annual subscription. Their names will be recorded in the register of the association as life member.

6.5         Founder Member: Those who have become general members before the day of the holding the first national convention will be considered to be the founder members. They will pay the dues and enjoy all the privileges of general members and their names will be recorded in the register of the association as founder member.


7.            The Executive Committee

7.1         Subject to the provisions of the constitution and the bye laws of the society, the affairs of the society shall be managed by an executive committee which will be the chief organ of the Society. It will be the sole decision making authority and all powers to issue orders and lay down rules and procedures. The Executive Committee shall comprise of the following:

7.1.1               President                                                       -           1

7.1.2               Vice-President                                              -           2

7.1.3               Secretary General                                        -           1

7.1.4               Joint Secretary                                             -           1

7.1.5               Treasurer                                                       -           1

7.1.6               Organising Secretary                                  -           1

7.1.7               Scientific Secretary                                     -           1

7.1.8               Publication Secretary                                  -           1

7.1.9               Members                                                        -           6

                        Ex-Officio : Immediate Past President      -           1

                        Immediate Past Secretary General           -           1


8.            Election:

8.1         The Executive Committee shall be elected by the members in an Annual General Meeting for a term of two calendar years by secret ballot.

8.2         In case of inability to hold the Annual General Meeting due to unforeseen circumstances within the specified date the incumbent committee shall continue with the office but shall hold the Annual General Meeting at the first opportunity.


9.            Eligibility and Proceedings for Election

9.1         Members whose dues have been cleared at least two months before the election are eligible to vote and contest the elections for the executive committee.

9.2         All elections will be conducted by an Election Commission comprising of two members who are not themselves contesting for that term.

9.3         In case of a vacancy of office bearer, the same shall be filled in by co-option from among the General members by the executive committee.


10.         Power and Functions of the Executive Committee

10.1      All matters of the Society shall be discussed in the executive committee and acted upon after having been passed by the committee based on simple majority.

10.2      The Executive Committee will endeavour to hold at least four meetings a year with a minimum notice of two weeks. However emergency meetings with specific agenda may be called with a notice of three days. Any decision or action taken at an emergency meeting must be ratified in the next Executive Committee meeting.

10.3      President: He will be the constitutional head of the Society. He will preside over meetings of the Executive Committee and also over General Meetings. He may convene any meeting in case the Secretary General fails to do the same.

10.4      Vice-Presidents: They will assist the president in all activities. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President (The senior among the two if both are present) shall act as the President.

10.5      Secretary General:

10.5.1  He shall be the chief executive officer of the Society and shall keep records including the register of members, minutes and proceedings of the Society and the Annual General Meeting.

10.5.2  He shall be the receiving officer of all the funds in the form of subscriptions and donations by issuing proper receipts for and on behalf of the Society. All such funds shall be handed over to the Treasurer.

10.5.3  He shall have the authority to make expenditures in accordance with the budget.

10.5.4  He shall be responsible for summoning all meetings in consultation with the President.

10.5.5  He shall be in charge of the property of the Society and maintain a stock register.

10.5.6  He shall supervise and direct the work of the staff employed, grant leave according to rules and make temporary arrangements in respect of vacancies in paid posts.

10.5.7  There shall be an amount of Taka 1,000/- (one thousand) with the Secretary General, to meet the day-to-day expenses and emergency need.

10.5.8  He shall, in case of emergency, take any action considered suitable under the circumstances and report it to the President.

10.5.9  He shall conduct all correspondence both at home and abroad on behalf of the Society.


10.6      Joint Secretary:

10.6.1  The Joint Secretary shall help Secretary General in all works e.g. looking after the office, conducting correspondence, preparation of agenda of meetings, preparing statement of accounts etc.

10.6.2  He shall be in-charge of Secretary General in his long absence due to any cause.

10.6.3  He is to perform all the activities assigned by the Executive Committee/Secretary General.


10.7.     Treasurer:

10.7.1  He shall collect all funds and deposit the same to the authorized bank and keep proper account of receipts and expenditures.

10.7.2  He shall be responsible for the presentation of the duly audited accounts of the Society at the Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, he shall, if required by the President, present an uptodate statement of accounts at Executive Committee meetings.

10.7.3  The bank account of the Society will be operated under the joint signatures of any two of the (a) President (b) Secretary General and (c) Treasurer.

10.7.4  He is to perform all the activities assigned by the Executive Committee/Secretary General.


10.8      Organising Secretary

Shall help the Secretary General in organising the Association and its branches where they do not exist for furtherance of the causes of the Society.

He is to perform all the activities assigned by the Executive Committee/Secretary General.


10.9      Scientific Secretary

Shall arrange scientific seminars, symposiums etc. in consultation with Secretary General.

He is to perform all the activities assigned by the Executive Committee/Secretary General.




10.10   Publication Secretary

Shall arrange publication of a periodic and other publications of the society journal.

He is to perform all the activities assigned by the Executive Committee/Secretary General.


10.11   Executive Committee Members: They shall work in co-operation with the Office bearers for all activities.


11.         Sub-Committees:

The Executive Committee shall have the power to form sub-committee from time to time to oversee specific functions, projects etc. Any General member or associate member of the Society may be co-opted to form any of the sub-committees.


12.         The Annual General Meeting will be held in the last quarter of every English Calendar year. A minimum of thirty days notice is required for holding an Annual General Meeting.


13.         In case the Executive Committee becoming inactive or the Committee acts contrary to the aims of the society, a requisition in writing signed by at least one third of the general members of the Society can ask a meeting to be convened. If the Executive Committee fails to hold a meeting within twenty one days of such a written requisition, the requisitionists or a simple majority of them may hold the meeting.


14.         Quorum:

Simple majority of the Executive Committee will form the quorum for Executive Committee meetings. For the Annual General Meeting one-fourth of the members will have to be present to form a quorum. In case the President or the Vice President are absent from meeting, the members present in the meeting will elect a President among them to preside over the meeting.


15.         By Laws:

The Executive Committee has the right to make by laws as and when necessary. These bye laws shall have to be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


16.         Subscription and Finance:

16.1      The Annual Subscription of the general members and the associate members shall be Taka 500/-. The rate shall be subject to changes from time to time. In either category they may become Life Member by subscribing Taka 5000/- at a time.

16.2      Other funds will be form grants from the Governments, donations and endowments.


17.         Amendment of the Constitution

17.1      Proposals for any amendment to the constitution or bye laws must be passed by simple majority of the total general members of the society. The proposal for any amendment by any member must reach the Secretary General in writing at least three months before the Annual General Meeting.

17.2      Suggested amendments, deletions, additions etc. of the constitution must be sent to every member at least 2 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.